By Pearson, Don

YOUthwork: Let God Use Your Influence

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Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9780802409706
Type: Paperback

Here’s a gift for volunteers that will ignite their passion for students. Packed with powerful stories, practical skills, and tons of ideas you can use right now, YOUthwork provides both the energy and substance for helping people invest in students.

Discover hard-won insights and proven strategies for: discipling students, sponsoring groups, running life-changing trips, dealing with crisis and deviance, raising money, breaking through the "I’m not interested" barrier, and more.

Not enough time to fully train your volunteers? Hand them a copy of YOUthwork and watch them catch the vision and invest their gifts in helping students follow Jesus Christ as Lord.

Regular price $4.30
Regular price $12.99 Sale price $4.30