By Crosby, Caitlin

You Are the Key: Turning Imperfections into Purpose

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310357971
Type: Hardcover

For anyone who feels less-than about your work, your worth, your body, or the life you're building, find here an incredible hope: you don't have to have it all together to "qualify" for your life's calling.

Just ask Caitlin Crosby, the former Hollywood talent who didn't finish college, never got an MBA, and wasn't supposed to become a CEO--yet that's exactly what she did. Caitlin's passion for people led her to launch The Giving Keys, a give-back jewelry brand with the mission of helping its employees transition out of homelessness. Each of their one million keys sold represents a person who wore it and shared it with someone else, in a unique pay-it-forward model.

In You Are the Key, Caitlin opens up about her own secret "flaw" that rocked her sense of self-worth for the better part of two decades and her private battle to believe that our scars are not sources of shame but proof of courage and prompts toward purpose.

Through Caitlin's all-too-real stories, sparkling with warmth and humor, you'll find the encouragement you need to:

  • Be brave enough to let yourself fail
  • Reframe your imperfections as signposts guiding you toward your greatest purpose
  • Move forward from past mistakes and build something beautiful

As you learn more about Caitlin and her journey, you'll learn that your own path to discovering and developing your purpose won't be a straight line. You'll fall down, and you'll get back up again. But Caitlin's story will remind you that your own imperfections can lead to your greatest purpose--and it all starts today.

Praise for You Are the Key:

"I've admired Caitlin's generosity and her work with The Giving Keys for years. I'm grateful to know her story. It's a reminder to never allow fear or setbacks to keep us from stepping out into the unknown. Caitlin has shown us that it's often in quiet moments of courage that we discover the things we're passionate about and realize more of who we're meant to be."

--Joanna Gaines, cofounder of Magnolia

"Caitlin's work in bringing purpose back to the lives of so many speaks for itself. With her as your guide, you will unlock purpose, confidence, and joy beyond what you could ever imagine."

--Sarah Jakes Roberts, pastor, bestselling author, and founder of Woman Evolve

"Equal parts powerful and personable, You Are the Key tells the story of what is possible when you follow big dreams with big heart."

--Maria Shriver, journalist and New York Times bestselling author

Regular price $6.20
Regular price $24.99 Sale price $6.20