By Tippett, Taylor

Words from the Window Seat: The Everyday Magic of Kindness, Courage, and Being Your True Self

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400225378
Type: Paperback

With charm, inspiration, and plenty of whimsy, Taylor reminds us that even in a weary world, it?s possible to celebrate the beauty in each person?s unique story?and make a difference that goes deeper than you?ll ever know.

Flight attendant Taylor Tippett had just finished beverage service and was sitting in the back of a Boeing 737 when she had a revelation: How can I show kindness to these passengers if I can?t show it to myself? She grabbed a tiny notepad and a Sharpie and wrote: ?Be kind to yourself.? Before she had time to think about it, Taylor taped the note to a window, posted a picture, and then left the slip of paper in a seat-back pocket for someone on the next flight to find. And soon what started as a personal project to encourage herself and others became a viral sensation.

In Words from the Window Seat, Taylor shares stories of her travels, daily life, and interactions with people of all kinds, anchoring each chapter around a note she?s left for a stranger to find. As she takes you from Chicago to Paris to Barcelona on planes, trains, and even a skateboard, you?ll

  • learn how to embody love in the midst of someone else?s ordinary day through little acts of kindness;
  • discover the small moments of magic that happen when you have the courage to find them; and
  • find ways to embrace your authentic self, even though life can be hard.
Regular price $5.00
Regular price $18.99 Sale price $5.00