By Garrison, Webb

What's In A Word

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781595553003
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Once upon a time?

Tying the knot actually involved tying a knot-not saying vows. Meanwhile, a thinking cap wasn?t just a cute idea for schoolchildren, but an actual hat worn by scholars in the Middle Ages. Oh, and when you make no bones about something, you should consider yourself lucky you aren?t choking on a chicken foot.

What?s in a Word? Answers the question it poses, more than three hundred times over. You?ll learn which side of the bed is the wrong side, and why the word ?nickname? is simply the product of slurred speech. Webb Garrison?s etymological journey through the origins of words and phrases, both common and obscure, is sure to fascinate wordsmiths of every stripe.

Regular price $7.80
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $7.80