By Harlow, Dr. Tim

What Made Jesus Mad?: Rediscover the Blunt, Sarcastic, Passionate Savior of the Bible

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400208609
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While Christians love to focus on a gentle, tender Jesus, Harlow offers an unforgettable reintroduction to the true character of Jesus and invites us to get to know the savior who was gracious but also blunt, sometimes sarcastic, and wildly passionate about bringing people to the heart of God.

We often don?t know what to do with the Bible?s stories of Jesus' righteous rage. Yet the truth is, while the Son of God was loving and tender, his words could be equally sharp and biting. The same man who said, ?Love your enemies? (Matthew 5:44) also said, ?You snakes, how will you escape being condemned to hell?? (Matthew 23:33).

With compelling storytelling and enlightening examinations of Scripture, Tim Harlow journeys through the gospels and looks at what, and who, ignited Jesus? anger. He guides us through instances of Jesus? anger in response to the barriers people put up:

  • in the temple, where money changers literally denied access to the Father, especially for the non-Jews and the poor;
  • during his teaching, when little children were denied access;
  • on the Sabbath, when religious leaders put rules above relationship and suffering above healing; and many more.

What if, Harlow asks, by coming to understand God?s holy anger, we come to know a savior we never knew before? How can we respond like Jesus when good intentions, prejudices and judgments, traditions and rules, and selfish and joyless people conspire to keep others from God?s presence?

Regular price $7.90
Regular price $26.99 Sale price $7.90