By Lucado, Max

Unshakable Hope Church Campaign Kit: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
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What feels shaky in your world?

Maybe you feel hurt by the past, disappointed by the present, or worried about the future. If so, there is hope. For every problem in life, God has given you a promise.

The Unshakable Hope twelve-week church campaign equips adults, students, and children of all ages to drop anchor into the Bible’s most significant promises, equipping you to overcome difficult circumstances by keeping your focus on the hope found in the promises of Scripture.

Whether it’s heart disease or cancer, job failure or addiction, natural disasters or family disasters, mass murders or mental illness, there are so many reasons to be overwhelmed and hope can feel hard to come by. Now more than ever, we need the definitive declarations of our mighty and loving God.

In this study, you will be reminded that God’s promises are irrevocable because

God is unchanging

God is faithful

God is strong

God cannot lie

What is your life built on—the circumstances of life or the promises of God? The answer to that question changes everything. Join Max as he takes a closer look at Scripture’s unbreakable promises and shows you how to live with unshakable hope.

Sessions include

You Are Stamped with God’s Image (14:00)

God Will Win the Victory (13:00)

You Are an Heir of God (12:00)

Your Prayers Have Power (12:00)

God Gives Grace to the Humble (12:00)

God Gets You (13:00)

Jesus Is Praying for You (13:00)

Death Has Been Defeated (12:00)

Joy Is Coming Soon (12:00)

You Will Have Power (13:00)

There Is No Condemnation in Christ (12:00)

Justice Will Prevail (13:00)

This church campaign kit contains

Unshakable Hope book

Unshakable Hope Study Guide

Unshakable Hope Video Study DVD

Praying the Promises devotional

Unshakable Hope Promise Book: Student Edition

Promises from God: Unshakable Hope for Kids

Unshakable Hope Children’s Curriculum CD-ROM (12 lessons each for preschool, early elementary, and later elementary)

Customizable promotional resources

Regular price $40.60
Regular price $165.99 Sale price $40.60