By Dong, LI

Tuttle Compact Mandarin Chinese Dictionary: Chinese-English English-Chinese [All HSK Levels, Fully Romanized]

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Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9780804848107
Type: Paperback

This is a compact and user–friendly English–Chinese and Chinese–English dictionary.

The Tuttle Compact Chinese Dictionary is a completely new reference dictionary designed for English speakers who are learning or using Chinese as a foreign language. It contains more than 48,000 words and expressions, including all the words required for the official HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Examination. Entries are carefully selected to reflect the latest usage in the spheres of business, technology, sports and media. For each Chinese word, the pronunciation, word classes and definitions are given together with other useful information on measure words, and idiomatic expressions.

Over 5,000 example sentences are provided to show how the words are used in real–life situations. All Chinese words and phrases are presented in Chinese characters and pinyin so that users can immediately pronounce the characters with ease and accuracy. A concise guide to Chinese pronunciation, tones and grammar is found at the front of the dictionary, as well as lists of common character components and measure words. A Radical Index and Stroke Order Index are given for all Chinese words listed in the Chinese–English section of the dictionary

  • Contains over 48,000 entries, including all high–frequency Chinese and English words
  • All Chinese words and phrases presented in Chinese characters and pinyin
  • User–friendly presentation with idioms and example sentences
  • The idea reference dictionary for students, and business people
Regular price $5.40
Regular price $16.95 Sale price $5.40