By Brian Simmons

TPT The Book of Philippians: 12-Lesson Study Guide (The Passionate Life Bible Study Series)

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The book of Philippians flows with joy, inspires gratitude, and imparts central doctrines of faith. Written by the apostle Paul while held captive in a prison cell, his letter to the Philippians celebrates victory, unity, and harmony, teaching us how to live together in the body of Christ.
This 12-lesson study guide on the book of Philippians provides a unique and welcoming opportunity to immerse yourself in God?s precious Word as expressed in The Passion Translation?. Begin your journey with a thorough introduction that details the authorship of Philippians, date of composition, first recipients, setting, purpose, central message, and key themes. Each lesson then walks you through a portion from the book and includes features such as notable verses, historical and cultural background information, definitions of words and language, cross references to other books of the Bible, maps, and character portraits of figures from the Bible and church history.
Enrich your biblical understanding of the book of Philippians, experience God?s love for you, and share his heart with others.

Regular price $8.60
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $8.60