By Kendall, R. T.

These Are the Days of Elijah: How God Uses Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things

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God used Elijah to accomplish great things--and He can use you, too.
Elijah is marked as one of the greatest prophets of the Bible. More than a gifted seer, he spoke directly for God, and with His authority. Elijah is the only prophet to have called down fire from heaven, and one of only two individuals in Scripture taken to heaven before tasting death. Yet this remarkable agent of the Lord was also very human, afflicted with the very same failings and fears you have.
With keen insight and practical application, beloved theologian and teacher R. T. Kendall explores the triumphs and contradictions of this powerful man of God. You will love seeing how Elijah was like you--righteous but proud, strong but cowardly, blessed but tested by trial and doubt.
And you will take joy in realizing how God will use you, as He did Elijah, for His perfect glory.

Regular price $9.60
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $9.60