By Gungor, Ed

There Is More to the Secret: An Examination of Rhonda Byrne's Bestselling Book "The Secret"

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN: 9780849919787
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Is it possible to believe in both God and the law of attraction?

Isn't this all just some New Age, "power of the mind" thing?

If the law of attraction works, why isn't it in the Bible ? or is it?

Questions like these are being asked by people around the world after reading the best-selling book, The Secret. According to the law of attraction, you can have virtually anything desired if your mind is trained to put out continual thoughts to attract it into your life.

In this deeply compelling work, Ed Gungor seeks to establish a more complete and accurate representation of the power of the mind by explaining the role that God plays in the equation. This book is not written to attack but rather to examine what the author believes is misguided advice while still speaking to the heart-felt need that is causing so many to explore this ancient practice. Some of his views may surprise you. There is more to the story that must be told.

Regular price $3.60
Regular price $12.99 Sale price $3.60