By Van Pelt, Rich; Hancock, Jim

The Volunteer's Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis: A DVD Study

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310891680
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Teenagers now face a different world than they would have twenty, even ten years ago. Confronted with new choices and challenges, they grow up exposed to influences both positive and negative. Issues that can arise in high school—fights, sexual abuse, eating disorders—can be overwhelming, and, when teens look for advice, volunteers need to know how to help.
In this video (guide sold separately), Van Pelt and Hancock recommend and detail a program for dealing with crises in a way that will be most helpful for struggling teens. They’ve divided their approach into four stages:
Understanding various crises and their potential consequences.
Spotting crises by learning to recognize signs and get the whole story.
Responding to crises by initiating contact, managing confidentiality, and taking follow-up steps to ensure teens receive professional help as necessary.
Preventing crises by creating a safe environment and sharing information with teens.
As confusing as life can be for teenagers, it can be just as difficult for volunteers to understand and help them through life’s darker times. Van Pelt and Hancock have compiled a helpful, comprehensive guide invaluable to anyone working closely with teens.
Designed for use with The Volunteer's Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis Participant's Guide (sold separately).

Regular price $4.80
Regular price $22.99 Sale price $4.80