By Ramsey, Dave

The Total Money Makeover Journal: A Guide for Financial Fitness

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781404110076
Type: Hardcover

Discover patterns in your spending and tackle the source of bad money habits by journaling throughout your ?total money makeover? process. Now in bullet journal format!

Take back control over your spending and transform bad habits into good ones by writing down anything significant that happens to you each day. Your emotions, relationship issues, setbacks, victories, life changes ? anything. Then, take a look at the patterns you see. Do you tend to spend more when you?re stressed? Do you eat out more often when you don?t get enough sleep? The source of habits that are hindering your financial peace may not be what you think.

When Dave Ramsey was experiencing his own ?total money makeover,? he found that journaling was an effective way to see the big picture ? even while in the midst of challenging days.

Now in a bullet journal format with prompts for recording victories and setbacks, the Total Money Makeover Journal is a tool for those who are ready to transform their financial situation and establish healthy spending habits for good. This journal makes a great gift for anyone seeking to get out of debt or become financially independent, as well as students and young adults on tight budgets or who want to establish smart buying principles early on in life.

Features Include:

  • Matte black cloth-covered hardcover
  • Gold page marking ribbon
  • A different motivational quote on each page
  • Space to record number of days with a win, goals for each day, and reasons to keep going
  • Flexible bullet journal-formatted space to write or draw

?The immediate benefits of writing everything down are twofold. First, writing helps you process the problems and victories. The second immediate benefit of journaling is that you can reread your entry just days ? even months ? later and gain vital perspective on your progress.? ? Dave Ramsey

Regular price $5.90
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $5.90