By Bledsoe, Jackie

The Seven Rings of Marriage: Your Model for a Lasting and Fulfilling Marriage

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Studies show that roughly one out of two marriages end in divorce.
One of the reasons for this is couples today are not prepared for all—the good and bad—that may happen in marriage. Are you prepared?
Author and blogger Jackie Bledsoe outlines the seven stages, or seven rings of marriages, that will equip couples for all stages in marriage. He challenges couples to keep moving through each stage for a lasting and fulfilling marriage.
Through The Seven Rings of Marriage, readers gain a deeper appreciation of what marriage is, and get a clear picture of what may lie ahead in their marriage. Diligently go about making your marriage everything you and your spouse hoped for, and more!
The seven rings are:
Ring #1—Engagement RING
Ring #2—Wedding RING
Ring #3—DiscoveRING
Ring #4—PerseveRING
Ring #5—RestoRING
Ring #6—ProspeRING
Ring #7—MentoRING
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Regular price $8.80
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $8.80