By Parrott, Richard Leslie; Refraction

The Reluctant Journey: Fulfilling God?s Purpose for You (Refraction)

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781401680381
Type: Paperback

Imagine the God of the universe whispering in your ear, ?What shall we create out of your life that will serve My purpose?? The path of authenticity is not a solo endeavor but a calling to a partnership with God that requires utter honesty, trust, commitment, and wisdom. God guides your path with a two-fold promise, ?You know I love you as you are, but together, we can make of your life what I created you to be.?

Following the petitions of our Lord?s Prayer, Dr. Richard Parrott examines a family of authentic partners, the family of Abraham and Sarah, their son Isaac, grandson Jacob, and great-grandson Joseph. This fresh telling of the story reveals practical answers to the question, ?How can my partnership with God be genuine, mature, and significant??

The Reluctant Journey is an honest and practical guide for relating to God. As authentic Christians, we can live true in Christ and our love for him each day, choosing His best for us so that together, we advance His kingdom ?on earth as it is in heaven.?

Features include:

  • Truths from the Lord?s Prayer
  • Stories of the founders of our faith
  • Thought-provoking questions for spiritual conversation or reflection

Regular price $3.50
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $3.50