By Groeschel, Craig

The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits That Matter Most

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310362777
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Writing for those who want to make changes in life but feel stuck, New York Times bestselling author and senior pastor of Life.Church Craig Groeschel draws on personal experience, biblical wisdom, and fascinating psychology to offer practical strategies for creating positive changes that last.

Life-Changing Spiritual and Practical Strategies for True Transformation.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you need to change and trying to change, but failing to change. You feel stuck, no matter how hard you try. Craig Groeschel, author of Winning the War in Your Mind, knows what it's like to be caught in that cycle. That was his own story?until he discovered these practical and biblical principles for experiencing lasting change.

In The Power to Change, Craig will help you find true change in your relationships, habits, and thoughts by unpacking:

  • How God's power, not your willpower, leads to true transformation
  • The real reasons you do what you do
  • Why falling isn't failure
  • The power of creating small habits that lead to big change
  • How to choose what you want most over what you want now

A powerful blend of biblical wisdom and fascinating psychology, The Power to Change includes helpful exercises, real-life stories, and life-changing spiritual insights. Whether you are trying to lose weight, breathe new life into your marriage, read the Bible more, get out of debt, or give up an addiction, Craig's step-by-step, time-tested strategies will equip you to start living the life God wants for you.

Regular price $11.80
Regular price $28.99 Sale price $11.80