By Sturm, Lacey

The Mystery: Finding True Love in a World of Broken Lovers

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Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801016745
Type: Paperback

True love exists--and it's worth pursuing.
The pain of life can make us want to turn our backs on the idea of love. We want to be smarter than the next heartbreak. Yet our hearts still burn when we encounter the purest forms of love. So in our brokenness we keep trying to create love, but it ends up being a version of something filtered through our wounds--twisted and torn--until we no longer recognize it.
Through raw, honest, and personal stories, rock princess Lacey Sturm shows you why true love is difficult and often painful--but still worth it. On the journey she recognizes destructive patterns in her own relationships, heals from past wounds, finds a way to trust again, and discovers a vision for a flourishing love that heals us, frees us--and is something we can believe in.
Praise for Lacey Sturm's writing
"Fresh. Passionate. Powerful."-- Chap Clark, PhD, author of Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers
"Lacey Sturm is a voice of hope to a hurting generation."-- Nick Hall, founder and primary communicator of PULSE
Originally the voice behind the platinum-selling international rock band Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm is now a solo artist. Lacey speaks for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its Rock the River events. She cofounded the Whosoever Movement and helped begin the RESET movement as one of their key speakers. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. Learn more at

Regular price $3.90
Regular price $15.99 Sale price $3.90