By Van Gelder, Craig; Roxburgh, Alan [Foreword]

The Ministry of the Missional Church: A Community Led by the Spirit

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Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801091391
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There's a different kind of church conversation going on these days--one that moves beyond just focusing on purpose, strategies, or recovering early church practices. Craig Van Gelder argues that understanding the nature of the church is foundational for clarifying the purpose of the church and for developing and organizing its ministry.
Moving beyond methods and techniques to create or sustain church growth, Van Gelder shows that when a church is focused on Spirit-led ministry, growth and development are the natural outcome.
The Ministry of the Missional Church brings together theology and organizational theory in a way that inspires biblical and theological imagination about how to let the church be the church--a Spirit-led, missional community that seeks to participate fully in God's mission in its particular place in the world.

Regular price $9.40
Regular price $19.00 Sale price $9.40