By Peterson, Eugene H. [Translator]

The Message Scribe Bible (Hardcover, Dark Walnut): Featuring The Message by Eugene H. Peterson

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Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 9781631467059
Type: hardcover

Men and women who desire to keep record of God's work in their lives through his Word

God said to Moses, ?Write this up as a reminder . . . ? ?Exodus 17:14
Find space in The Scribe Bible to record and remember what God has done in your life!

  • Journal: Wide margins (more than 2 inches!) offer more room to write or draw than any other Bible available.
  • Listen: Note the words or passage where God?s Spirit stops you, and why.
  • Pray: Scripture inspires and informs your prayers as you write them down.
  • Remember: See God?s faithfulness over time as you look back through your notes.
Every time you open The Scribe Bible, your notes will comfort you and remind you of God?s faithfulness. Hear God?s instruction, and remember all that he has done.
Regular price $24.60
Regular price $39.99 Sale price $24.60