By Klavan, Andrew

The Last Thing I Remember

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781595545862
Type: Paperback

Charlie West just woke up in someone else?s nightmare.

He?s strapped to a chair. He?s covered in blood and bruises. He hurts all over. And a strange voice outside the door just ordered his death.

The last thing he can remember, he was a normal high-school kid doing normal things?working on his homework, practicing karate, daydreaming of becoming an air force pilot, writing a pretty girl?s number on his hand. How long ago was that? Where is he now? Who is he really?

And more to the point . . . How is he going to get out of this room alive?

?Klavan is as good as they get.? ?Tony Hillerman, award-winning author

  • Contemporary Young Adult Novel with a high-adrenaline plot
  • Approximately 82,000 words
  • Part of the Homelanders series
    • Book One: The Last Thing I Remember
    • Book Two: The Long Way Home
    • Book Three: The Truth of the Matter
    • Book Four: The Final Hour
Regular price $5.10
Regular price $9.99 Sale price $5.10