By Boggs, Meredith

The Journey Home: A Biblical Guide to Using the Enneagram to Deepen Your Faith and Relationships

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400233939
Type: paperback

Certified Enneagram teacher Meredith Boggs gives Christians who are skeptical of the Enneagram a conservative biblical guide to understand how it can further their spiritual journeys and deepen their relationship with God by discovering their type's virtues, unhelpful tendencies, and best practices for spiritual growth.

Many Christians are finding themselves increasingly burned out and hanging onto their faith by a thread. They long for a deeper, more vibrant connection to God and those around them, but are unsure of where to start. Some are curious about the Enneagram but aren't sure that it is something Christians should use or reference. The Journey Home provides a biblical roadmap to revitalizing their faith and developing a stronger relationship with God and others by integrating the Enneagram into their spiritual growth journeys. Using stories and scripture, along with practical application tips for each of the nine types, Meredith Boggs helps readers

  • understand that the Enneagram isn't anti-Christian and show how it can be a useful tool for Christians on their spiritual and personal journeys;
  • recognize the ways their Enneagram type wanders away from God;
  • identify the sin patterns unique to their type that are keeping them trapped;
  • foster growth with the habits, scripture passages, and spiritual practices specific to their type; and
  • grow closer in their relationships with others by understanding their spiritual challenges and strengths.

The Journey Home is for any reader looking for an accessible and practical guide to kickstart their faith and develop a better relationship with God, themselves, and others.

Regular price $4.80
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $4.80