By Youngblood, Ronald

The Heart of the Old Testament: A Survey of Key Theological Themes

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801021725
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"Biblically sound, highly readable, and profoundly insightful. For years I have successfully used the first edition of this text with hundreds of my students. I welcome this second edition."--Marvin R. Wilson, Gordon College
Ronald Youngblood's concise guide to the central themes of the Old Testament has served students for thirty years. Now this frequently used textbook is available in a new edition, featuring updated text, refined arguments, and two new indexes (subject and Scripture).
In The Heart of the Old Testament, Youngblood demonstrates the thematic unity of the Bible by tracing the development of nine key concepts through the Old Testament and into the New: monotheism, sovereignty, election, covenant, theocracy, law, sacrifice, faith, and redemption. These concepts constitute the very heart of the Old Testament.
Youngblood writes, "We have attempted in each case to define the concept, describe the cultural setting in which it arose in ancient Israel, delineate the various stages through which God's people passed as they grew in their understanding of it, and discuss briefly its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ. By so doing we earnestly hope that we shall help our readers to see more clearly the fact that the Word of God is essentially one Book."

Regular price $9.40
Regular price $18.00 Sale price $9.40