By Searcy, Nelson; Dykes Henson, Jennifer

The Generosity Ladder: Your Next Step to Financial Peace

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Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801072765
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Replace Stress with Security
Imagine a life in which you don't struggle to make ends meet each month--a life with no debt, a healthy savings account, and solid plans for retirement. Imagine being able to help people in need and give to causes much bigger than your own concerns.
Sound impossible? It isn't. This is how God wants you to live. And it is attainable.
The Generosity Ladder is a must-read if you want to handle your finances in a way that honors God and gives you security for the future. With the help of this practical and insightful book, you'll finally uncover your true level of financial health and discover a step-by-step plan to save, spend, and invest your money in a responsible, godly way.
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Published alongside Maximize, Nelson Searcy's much-anticipated stewardship guidebook for church leaders, The Generosity Ladder will allow laypeople to fully grasp God's plan for their finances, acknowledge their current level of stewardship, and chart out the steps they need to take in order to handle money in a way that honors God.

Regular price $3.10
Regular price $6.99 Sale price $3.10