By Sherrill, AJ; DeGroat, Chuck [Foreword]

The Enneagram for Spiritual Formation: How Knowing Ourselves Can Make Us More Like Jesus

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Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 9781587434723
Type: Paperback

A prominent evangelical pastor shows that the Enneagram, when applied to the Christian life, can provide new visionary landscapes for reimagining discipleship and spiritual practices.

Author AJ Sherrill still remembers the moment when his life was forever changed by a word he didn't even understand at the time: Enneagram. A personality theory that includes nine different "types," the Enneagram has become a popular tool for self-awareness and improvement.

But in this book, Sherrill goes deeper, exploring with Christians how the Enneagram can be a pathway to profound spiritual transformation. Sherrill reveals the Enneagram as a tool to unlock new ways of viewing identity, personality, discipleship, spiritual practices, evangelism, and the Bible.

Using this fresh approach, Sherrill shows how our true identity is that of a beloved child of God. Recognizing that, we can move confidently into the world expressing this identity through our unique personality.

Through Sherrill's detailed spiritual exploration of each type, readers will emerge viewing the Enneagram as a precious gift to following Jesus more closely. Foreword by Chuck DeGroat.

Regular price $9.10
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $9.10