By Rusten, E. Michael

The End Times: Discovering What the Bible Says (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)

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Publisher: Shaw Books
ISBN: 9780877882343
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Life-Changing Questions

What does Scripture say about the end of the world? We hear so many opinions, fears, and ideas about this subject that it can be difficult to discern what the Bible says. But God has chosen to reveal to us his plan for the future not to divide or confuse us, but so that we might live more purposefully today.

In this guide, Bible teacher Michael Rusten looks at the major biblical themes and passages related to the end times, leading you to fresh insights on Jesus’ second coming, the antichrist, the millennium, the final judgment, and more. This studyguide offers a balanced, biblical view of the end times and gives insight into the importance of these truths in our lives.

Regular price $3.50
Regular price $7.99 Sale price $3.50