By Turner, Bethany

The Do-Over

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785244974
Type: Paperback

A witty, romantic comedy of errors as former high school rivals McKenna and Henry inadvertently reunite in their hometown.

Hot-shot lawyer McKenna Keaton finds herself in hot water with her own law firm when she?s (falsely!) accused of embezzlement. Placed on unpaid leave, she suddenly finds herself with the free time to return home and attend her youngest sister?s wedding activities.

But it?s not all fun and games. Waiting back home is shy, nerdy Henry Blumenthal?McKenna?s high school rival for valedictorian who once took three hours to beat her at chess. Scratch that. He?s Hank Blume now, the famed documentarian, Durham, North Carolina?s, darling son, who has attained all his dreams and more. He also happens to look like he stepped out of an Eddie Bauer catalog.

Whereas McKenna is a disgraced workaholic from New York on unpaid leave, accused of a white-collar crime she would nevercommit, succumbing to panic attacks, watching her dreams unravel. At age thirty-eight?and destined by the family curse to die before she turns forty, apparently?it?s absolutely the wrong time to have a major crush on a man. Especially one who treasures his memories of McKenna as the girl Most Likely to Succeed.

?Pitch-perfect comedic timing, a relatable heroine, and a refreshing sweetness elevate this novel above the sea of modern rom-coms. The rare author who can make me laugh out loud,?The Do-Over?is Bethany Turner at her best.? ?Lauren Layne,?New York Times?bestselling author

  • A witty and sweet contemporary romantic comedy
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Regular price $4.20
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $4.20