By Sumner, Tracy M.

The Bible Map for Kids: A Surprisingly Easy Guide to God'€™s Word

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Publisher: Barbour Pub Inc
ISBN: 9781636095646
Type: paperback

Want to understand the Bible?
Need a map to guide you?

Here is a surprisingly easy guide to God?s Word that will walk you through seven ?lands? of scripture:
  • Origins
  • Sin
  • God?s People
  • the Exile
  • the Messiah
  • Christianity
  • the End Times
Each area is plainly described and set into the big picture of God?s love for people, while ?side roads??confusing parts of the Bible?are also explored. For example, what is the Trinity? How can God be three ?Persons? in one?
The Bible Map for Kids ultimately guides you to the God who made and loves you.
Regular price $6.90
Regular price $7.99 Sale price $6.90