By Wittmer, Michael E.

The Bible Explainer: Questions and Answers on Origins, the Old Testament, Jesus, the End Times, and More?Over 250 Entries!

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Publisher: Barbour Books
ISBN: 9781643520810
Type: Paperback

When you need help understanding God?s Word,
turn to The Bible Explainer?
answering 250 who, what, when, where, and why questions about the world?s best-selling book.

People, places, things, and ideas are covered, from Genesis through Revelation, with insight, intrigue, and a dash of humor. Questions and answers are presented in logical order, from larger, more general issues (for example, ?What is the Bible??) through the more specific (such as ?Was Jesus a pacifist?? and ?What is the significance of 666??).

Bible Explainer tackles the tough ones, too?like
  • How could God ?regret? making humans?
  • Did God command Israel to commit genocide?
  • Why do Christians follow the Old Testament?s teaching on homosexuality but not its commands about eating bacon and shrimp?
The Bible Explainer acknowledges the variety of viewpoints in the larger Christian world while taking a conservative historical approach itself. It?s a fascinating read that will enhance your appreciation of scripture?plus, it?s illustrated in full color!
Regular price $10.10
Regular price Sale price $10.10