By Schmidt, Troy; Foxworthy, Jeff [Foreword]

The American Bible Challenge: A Daily Reader Volume 1

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780849947551
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A fun and challengingway to dig into the Bible

In fall 2012, a new show premiered on the Game Show Network that quickly surprised Hollywood. Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, The American BibleChallenge built up an audience of 2.3 million viewers in just nine weeks, making it the highest-rated show ever in GSN history. By taking on unique questions spanning all of Scripture, teams excitedly won money, not for themselves, but for a favorite charity. The interest has grown so fast in recent months, a second season hits the airwaves in March 2013.

Now, the consulting producer for the show, Troy Schmidt, with a foreword written by host Jeff Foxworthy, has released a daily reader based on The American Bible Challenge designed to take us deeper into the questions from the show and the life applications thatthey inspire.

Using many of the questions from the first season as a guide, each day features an inspiring lesson along with five challenging Bible questions to take you deeper into Scripture. The book guides the reader through nine weeks of study and encouragement—the same length of time as a season of The American Bible Challenge—with over three hundred questions to test your Bible knowledge. And don’t worry, all theanswers are in the back.

The American BibleChallenge Daily Reader includes questions to deepen your knowledge and to change your life. Are you ready to jump in and take the challenge?

Regular price $3.30
Regular price $15.99 Sale price $3.30