By Stephens, Jarrett

The Always God: He Hasn't Changed and You Are Not Forgotten *Very Good*

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Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 9780735291218
Type: paperback

A message of hope for an anxious day: God never changes. He is still here and ready to transform our lives. What we must ask is if we are ready to respond to him.

The influential teaching pastor of one of America's largest megachurches calls out a common feeling: It's easy to wonder if God has just... left. There is a rising sense of uncertainty and turmoil in the world. Our individual lives are often touched by disappointment, confusion, or regret. Sometimes, if we're honest, we can even feel abandoned by God. Pastor Jarrett Stephens has been there, engaging personal doubt and frustration, and learning how to walk with others through their own anxieties into a better future.

Throughout Scripture, God reveals himself using various names to describe his nature and character. Each tells us something fascinating about his character. The eternal name God chose to use when revealing himself to Moses at the burning bush was "I AM," indicating how, while others change, God does not. Centuries later, Jesus ascribed this title to himself, giving seven distinct "I AM" statements, which help us see how the "I AM" from the past is still the "I AM" today. This unfailing, good nature of the always God helps us find solid footing in a shifting world.

The Always God gives hope to those who think God has given up on us or is no longer responding. It invites us to quiet ourselves and listen to the God who does not change or forget us. Not ever. And that changes everything.

Regular price $4.90
Regular price $16.00 Sale price $4.90