By Hurst, Chrystal Evans

The 28-Day Prayer Journey Study Guide: Enjoying Deeper Conversations with God

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310121848
Type: Paperback

For anyone who longs for a consistent prayer life yet struggles with distractions, doubts, or knowing where to start, Chrystal Evans Hurst offers a simple and heartfelt method to meaningful conversations with God, just one day at a time.

The kind of intentional, fervent prayer life we'd like to experience often seems intimidating or just out of reach. Chrystal knows how that feels and shares her own relatable journey through the challenges and joys of deepening her prayer life. Showing up to pray just one day at a time, Chrystal found a simple yet powerful practice that made consistent prayer amazingly doable.

In the five days leading up to each session, you will focus on one prayer posture with personal study exercises and daily prayer practices

Where You Are Now /Take Action/Character Study/Pray

Going to the Word /Take Action/Character Study/Pray

Journal It Out /Take Action/Character Study/Pray

Going With God /Take Action/Character Study/Pray

Act On It /Take Action/Character Study/Pray

After you have prayed in one posture for the week, Chrystal will break down that posture and walk through the biblical references supporting it to draw the connections between your growing relationship with God and the practice of prayer. Whether you are new or well-versed in communication with God, this hopeful and supportive experience will help you sense God's presence in ways you never have before through the practice of meaningful prayer.

Sessions include

Introduction: The Practice of Prayer

Offering Thanksgiving & Praise

Turning to God in Repentance

Requesting with Confidence

Yielding to God

Designed for use with The 28-Day Prayer Journey Video Study (9780310121862), sold separately. Streaming video access included.

Regular price $5.90
Regular price $15.99 Sale price $5.90