By Pritchard, Ray

Stealth Attack: Protecting Yourself Against Satan's Plan to Destroy Your Life by Ray Pritchard

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Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9780802409898
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There's only one way to overcome a spiritual terrorist.
The war on terror is out of balance. Billions of dollars and cutting-edge weaponry pitted against faceless zealots. Cunning foes who fight dirty. Though inferior in strength, they remain surprisingly deadly.
In spiritual terms, this conflict perfectly illustrates our vulnerability to Satan's attacks. He exploits every advantage to destroy us--and his advantages are considerable. He's a lot smarter than we are, he knows our weak points, he's invisible, and he breaks all rules. How can we possibly defend ourselves against such an adversary?
The only way to overcome such a deadly foe is to know what Scripture says on the matter. Ray Pritchard tackles this challenge in Stealth Attack. By drawing upon the teaching and examples of Jesus, Peter, Paul, and others, he offers practical steps for outmaneuvering the most shameless and stealthy foe imaginable.

Regular price $2.90
Regular price $13.99 Sale price $2.90