By Powell, Yolanda W.

Soul Food & Living Water: Spiritual Nourishment and Practical Help for the Black Family

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Publisher: Lift Every Voice
ISBN: 9780802417473
Type: Paperback

As God-conscious families, we all struggle to maintain a vibrant faith that will lead to strength and happiness in the midst of declining social values and daily challenges. Marital commitment, child rearing, financial stewardship and family harmony are problems that can become intensely magnified, draining our joy and ability to sufficiently thrive.

Overflowing with Biblical teaching, practical examples and real encouragement, Soul Food and Living Water provides the spritual nourishment you and your family need. Written in culturally sensitive language, reflecting the rich heritage and strong’s faith of African Americans, it refreshes and equips families for today’s challenges.

This book is a personal invitation to come and dine at the Lord’s table, to be comforted in His presence and to feast upon His Words. So eat well and drink deep!

Regular price $2.70
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $2.70