By Del Sesto, Dean

Shift Your Thinking for Success

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Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9780800728984
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You're just a small shift away from success
Success isn't a place you arrive at after working hard. That's reaching a goal. Success is found in the character you maintain while you pursue your goals. It's about who you are and how you project your persona at work, at home, and everywhere else. And all it takes to find success and fulfillment are simple shifts in the way you think.
In this wisdom-packed book, Dean Del Sesto offers 77 brief reflections to help you shift your thought patterns for greater success and personal fulfillment in business and life. He shows how to interrupt the things that aren't currently working and provides clear alternatives to think, plan, and act differently for better results.
"While many management books are about tactics and techniques, Shift Your Thinking for Success is more about who you are and less about what you do. You are your own brand, so make it a great and memorable one."-- Milan Yerkovich, founder, Relationship 180;co-host of the nationally syndicated counseling talk show New Life Live
"Dean masterfully explores the internal conversations that frame our engagement with others, and then shows how you can shift both the internal conversations and the resulting changes in your external context in a meaningful and planned way."-- Hendre Coetzee, CEO, Center for Advanced Coaching;international trainer and speaker
Dean Del Sesto runs an award-winning branding and communications agency called Breviti ( and is also a partner in VeracityColab, a B2B and consumer-based video agency ( A keynote speaker and the author of Shift Your Thinking, he lives in Southern California with his wife, Kitt.

Regular price $3.90
Regular price $13.99 Sale price $3.90