By Manion, Jeff; Anderson, Christine [Contributor]

Satisfied Study Guide: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310694540
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I’ll be happy after: the promotion… the new house… the next vacation… a different car… you fill in the blank. Why is a contented, satisfied life so evasive? What deep hungers drive the out of control accumulation, reckless purchasing habits, and crazy consumer lifestyle for so many of us? And why are we often driven more by what our neighbors own than what will truly make us happy?

Filmed at biblically significant historical sites in Turkey and Greece and in the United States, this six-session, video-based Bible study provides an inspiring and transformative vision for living a deeply contented life in the midst of our consumer-driven, materialistic, and often shallow culture. Pastor Jeff Manion weaves masterful contemporary storytelling with rich biblical, historical, and cultural background, revealing the similarities between the struggles of today’s culture with that of the New Testament churches.

Satisfied explores the way in which the messages to the New Testament churches were received by the original readers and how these passages can alter the way we view wealth, accumulation, and ultimate contentment today.

This study guide contains video notes, individual or group reflection questions, and between-session personal projects enhancing your journey through each of the video sessions, taught by Jeff Manion.

Sessions include

The School of Contentment


Identity Shift

The Challenge of Affluence

The Generous Heart

The Invitation

Designed for use with the Satisfied: A DVD Study 9780310694557 (sold separately).

Regular price $4.90
Regular price $10.99 Sale price $4.90