By McRoberts, Justin

Sacred Strides: The Journey to Belovedness in Work and Rest

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785239901
Type: paperback

In this fresh look at finding balance between work and sabbath rest, Justin McRoberts leads readers on their journey from false self to true self, discovering that growth and maturity take root in the knowledge of their belovedness in Christ.

In his two decades working as a full-time artist and spiritual guide, Justin McRoberts has experienced first-hand the tension between "The Hustle" and "Self Care." In recent years, that conversation has turned to argument as people have suggested that one is more important than the other. But Justin disagrees entirely with such a one-sided approach.

Justin says, "My natural posture is not work, nor is my natural posture rest. My natural posture is belovedness, and both work and rest spring from my belovedness, and return me to it." In this book, he uses humorous and poignant stories to help readers discover the deep truths about us being laborers for/with Christ, empowered by the Spirit, as well as worshipers of God the Father. Readers will learn how

  • Sabbath is a gift and a practice that frees us from the anxiety of proving ourselves
  • They are loved and valued by God for who and whose they are?not for what they do
  • Rest is not the absence of work; it is what gives work meaning
  • We can love our world and the people in it through what we do

We are not tools in God's tool belt, valued only for our gifts and talents. Nor are we ascetics called to abandon "daily life" to find God in the desert and just sit there. We are beloved by the One who holds all things together . . . including our need to work and our need to rest.

Regular price $6.60
Regular price $18.99 Sale price $6.60