By Anatolios, Khaled; Daley, Brian [Foreword]

Retrieving Nicaea: The Development and Meaning of Trinitarian Doctrine

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"An impressive book. For anyone who wants to understand Nicene Christianity and its relevance for today, Anatolios is quite simply indispensable."--George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary
Khaled Anatolios, a noted expert on the development of Nicene theology, offers a historically informed theological study of the development of the doctrine of the Trinity, showing its relevance to Christian life and thought today. According to Anatolios, the development of trinitarian doctrine involved a global interpretation of Christian faith as a whole. Consequently, the meaning of trinitarian doctrine is to be found in a reappropriation of the process of this development, such that the entirety of Christian existence is interpreted in a trinitarian manner. The book provides essential resources for this reappropriation by identifying the network of theological issues that comprise the "systematic scope" of Nicene theology, focusing especially on the trinitarian perspectives of three major theologians: Athanasius, Gregory of Nyssa, and Augustine. It includes a foreword by Brian E. Daley.
Introduction: Development as Meaning in Trinitarian Doctrine
1. Fourth-Century Trinitarian Theology: History and Interpretation
Before Nicaea
The Early Stages of Controversy
Crisis and Resolution
Categories and Interpretation
2. Development of Trinitarian Doctrine: A Model and Its Application
Common Experience at the Threshold of Nicaea
Trinitarian Theologians of Unity of Will
Trinitarian Theologians of Unity of Being
3. Athanasius: The Crucified Lord and Trinitarian Deification
The Divinity of the Crucified and the Christian Story of Salvation
Constructing a Trinitarian Hermeneutics
Nicaea and the Dialectic of Scripture and Doctrine
Theology of the Holy Spirit
Christian Life in the Trinity
4. Gregory of Nyssa: The Infinite Perfection of Trinitarian Life
The Doctrine of Against Eunomius
A Trinitarian Systematic Theology of the Catechetical Oration
Theology of the Holy Spirit
Defining the Trinity? Three Hypostaseis, One Ousia
Christian Life in the Trinity
5. Augustine's De Trinitate: Trinitarian Contemplation as Christological Quest
Augustine's Trinitarian Epistemology
Scriptural Exposition of God as Trinity
The Trinitarian Image in Humanity
Human Certainty and Seeing the Trinity
Conclusion: Retrieving the Systematic Scope of Nicene Theology

Regular price $23.70
Regular price $38.00 Sale price $23.70