By Stuart, Ben

Rest and War Study Guide with DVD: A Field Guide for the Spiritual Life

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Publisher: HarperChristian Resources
ISBN: 9780310141679
Type: paperback

Ben Stuart helps participants deconstruct their destructive thinking; maximize their time, energy, and resources to be all they were meant to be; and rise up into the full stature of who they are meant to be.

This study guide with DVD includes:

  • DVD and individual access to six streaming video sessions
  • Discussion and reflection questions with video notes
  • Personal study between sessions
  • Leader?s Guide

Ben Stuart felt the dual struggle in his youth of purposelessness and powerlessness. He wanted his life to have meaning, and he wanted to overcome his struggles, but the self-help books he read only left him feeling defeated and discouraged. Then, in college, he encountered professors and pastors who helped him see that his life, far from being a disjointed or isolated struggle, was part of a compelling story that God had written. He had been invited into an epic adventure!

In this six-session video study, Ben shares how this knowledge led him to develop a practical strategy of resting in God's strength and warring against the enemy's attempts to keep him locked into patterns of sin. He helps group members to likewise develop strategies that will enable them to: (1) overcome the deceptive strategies of sin aimed at their weaknesses; (2) orient their lives and loves around a God who cares for them, (2) recognize that under their misdirected affections and motivations is a deep longing for God, and (2) discover methods of overcoming personal shortcomings that do not rely on shame-based motivation.

Sessions and video run times include:

  1. FREED TO FIGHT (20:30)
  2. AWAY AND TOWARD (17:30)
  5. FOCUS AND UNITY (20:30)
  6. KEEP IN STEP (20:30)

This pack contains one study guide and one DVD.

Regular price $26.40
Regular price $49.99 Sale price $26.40