By Stuart, Ben

Rest and War: Rhythms of a Well-Fought Life

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785248316
Type: Paperback

Struggle well. Fight for progress. Know the one who has fought for you.

You don?t have to live in this world long before discovering that the pursuit of intimacy with God occurs within the context of adversity. It is a fight. Yet it is a fight in which our King has won the decisive victory! You have been set free?into a raging battle!

But there?s good news: your struggles do not mean you?re doomed, rather they?re actually a sure sign that you are alive. Now you must learn to struggle well, for Jesus did not free you from the fight, he freed you for the fight.

Rest & War is a field guide for the spiritual life; a book of ancient methods of transformation transposed into a modern key. Borne out of pastor Ben Stuart?s personal life-experiences and decades in ministry, Rest & War offers biblical and practical guidance for:

  • Battling what?s holding you back while building what will propel you forward
  • Trading patterns of thinking that diminish intimacy with God for ones that encourage it
  • Fighting sin and cultivating an environment that allows you to flourish
  • Designing your everyday schedule based on your God-given purposes to bring more meaning into your routines

God has called you into the good fight of life; step into it boldly, strategically. Flee evil and pursue intimacy with your Creator. Uproot what is broken and cultivate what is life-giving. Make war on what is destructive, and rest in the God who loves you.

Are you ready to walk elegantly through the battlefield of life?

Regular price $6.10
Regular price $18.99 Sale price $6.10