By Talbert, Charles H.

Reading the Sermon on the Mount: Character Formation and Decision Making in Matthew 57

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Publisher: Baker Academic
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"In this gem, veteran New Testament scholar Charles H. Talbert brings his expertise and maturity to [the Sermon on the Mount]. The result is one of the most helpful volumes on the Sermon one is likely to find anywhere."--Donald A. Hagner, Interpretation
"Turn the other cheek;"Love your enemies;"Pray in secret;"Do not store up for yourselves treasure on earth;"Do not worry." These are just a few of the famous dictums found in the Sermon on the Mount. But what is the primary purpose of the Sermon?
Most interpretations treat the Sermon as an ethical text--concerned about the way Christians behave. Charles Talbert, however, argues that it is more concerned with character formation and ethical decision making. He argues that it is a text about covenant fidelity to God and to other humans, in which Jesus seeks to affect perceptions, dispositions, and intentions.
Talbert sets the stage for his reading of the Sermon by investigating Matthew's relation to Judaism and exploring the composition of the audience that received Jesus's charge. He also takes into account the order of Jesus's discourse, the distinction between character formation and decision making, and the question of whether or not the Jesus who speaks in the Sermon is a legalist.
In the commentary proper, Talbert attends to six large units of thought in Matthew 5-7. Section by section, he analyzes form and content, comparing Jesus's directives with similar statements in Jewish and Greco-Roman literature. The result is a superb commentary on the Sermon that will be of value to anyone studying this core passage of Scripture.

Regular price $9.40
Regular price $22.00 Sale price $9.40