By Moloney, Francis J. SDB

Reading the New Testament in the Church: A Primer for Pastors, Religious Educators, and Believers

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801049804
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Internationally respected scholar Francis Moloney offers a Catholic introduction to the New Testament that shows how to read it both faithfully and critically. The opening chapter and an epilogue directly address the theological requirements of, and historical challenges for, ecclesial reading. The remaining chapters give exemplary readings of the figure of Jesus and of the various divisions of the New Testament canon. Conceived as a resource for religious educators, deacons, and other ministers in the Catholic Church, this book will serve Catholics and others as an ideal supplement to a conventional New Testament introduction or as a companion to reading the New Testament itself.
1. Catholic and Critical: The Challenge of Scripture in the Catholic Tradition
2. Historical Context: The New Testament World and Our World
3. The Origins of the New Testament: Its Creation and Reception
4. Jesus of Nazareth: A Biographical Sketch
5. Paul: The First Christian Author
6. The Four Gospels: Stories of Jesus
7. The Acts of the Apostles: Telling God's Story to the End of the Earth
8. Later Writings of the New Testament: Letters from Apostles and a Homily
9. The Revelation to John: Apocalypse Now

Regular price $18.30
Regular price $30.00 Sale price $18.30