By Needham, Kelly

Purposefooled: Why Chasing Your Dreams, Finding Your Calling, and Reaching for Greatness Will Never Be Enough

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400241613
Type: paperback

Author and Bible teacher Kelly Needham reveals how we've been fooled into chasing meaning in all the wrong places, identifies the source of our hunger for the extraordinary, and shows us the steps we can take today to build a purpose-filled reality without turning our lives upside-down.

Many of us are exhausted from dreaming big and chasing the extraordinary lives we long for, but when we try embracing the everyday and find meaning in the mundane, we fear we're settling for a boring life. Are we missing something?

Kelly Needham has been the keynote speaker, the person folding T-shirts backstage, and the mom dealing with the ups and downs of daily life. By sharing her experiences with both the extraordinary and the humdrum--and wrestling with feelings of disappointment along the way--Needham helps readers discover for themselves the truth that changes everything: we weren't made to do something, but to know Someone. And it's that Someone who can infuse our lives with infinite purpose and meaning. In Purposefooled she explains

  • why we feel like we were made for more and shows us the freeing answer to our longings,
  • the ways modern technology affects our desires and dreams--and how to live free from its pressures and pitfalls,
  • how familiar Bible stories reveal that being a world-changer is more accessible and simpler than we think,
  • why we need to reclaim our imaginations from culture and steward them with eternity in mind, and
  • what it looks like to live a deeply meaningful life today instead of wearing ourselves out trying to reach the next big thing.
Regular price $11.50
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $11.50