By Krinks, Lindsey

Praying with Our Feet: Pursuing Justice and Healing on the Streets

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Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 9781587434587
Type: Paperback

A street chaplain, activist, and nonprofit leader invites you on a spiritual journey to the margins of American society and to the front lines of social justice movements where faith means getting your hands dirty in the struggle for a better world.

"Readers looking for ways to get involved in their communities will find plenty to motivate them in Krinks's personal testament."
--Publishers Weekly

At age twenty, Lindsey Krinks thought she had her life figured out. But a devastating injury and an unexpected encounter with a homeless organizing group disrupted her plans and opened her eyes to the immense suffering and injustice around her. Awakened to a fierce pursuit of justice and a faith that called her to "pray with her feet," Krinks plunged into the underside of American society, where she found both staggering loss and astounding love.

As a street chaplain, activist, and cofounder of Open Table Nashville, Krinks takes us on an unforgettable spiritual journey to tent cities, alleys, slums, and the front lines of movements for justice. Praying with Our Feet challenges preconceptions about people who live on the streets, calling us to move from charity to justice and to get our hands dirty in the struggle for a better world.

Readers who are dismayed by the world's suffering but don't know where to start will find much inspiration in this intimate and moving book. Includes end-of-book discussion questions for each chapter.

Regular price $9.60
Regular price $17.99 Sale price $9.60