By Borgmann, Albert

Power Failure

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Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781587430589
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"Borgmann brings his perceptive and compelling analysis of the technological shape of ordinary life into conversation with his Christian commitment to the eloquent life of grace and sacrament. The result is a demanding but profoundly rewarding glimpse into the possible future of Christianity."--Richard R. Gaillardetz, University of Toledo
We live in a culture defined and sustained by technology. Usually we equate this access to technology with opportunity, affluence, even happiness: "the good life." Albert Borgmann's Power Failure raises some crucial, if disconcerting, questions: If technology liberates us, exactly what kind of liberation does it promise? Do we really feel free? Are we prospering, and by what definition?
Borgmann looks at the relationship between Christianity and technology by examining some of the "invisible" dangers of a technology-driven lifestyle. Specifically, he points out how devices and consumption have replaced physical things and practices in everyday life. Power Failure calls us to vigorous Christian practice in a technological age. These practices include citizen-based decision making, communal celebrations, and a vital connection with the table and the word through daily shared meals and the discipline of reading.
Examining the influences that shape people, this unique and insightful text will appeal to anyone interested in technology, philosophy, or cultural critique. Chapters include "The Moral Significance of the Material Culture,"Contingency and Grace,"Power and Care," and "The Culture of the Word and the Culture of the Table."

Regular price $12.40
Regular price $16.00 Sale price $12.40