By Jerry L. Sumney

Philippians: A Greek Student's Intermediate Reader

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801047794
Type: paperback

"Sumney provides exactly what is needed to help students learn the challenging art of Greek exegesis. This is the perfect book for those who have completed beginning Greek. And if I could, I would put it into the hands of every such student."--Donald A. Hagner, Fuller Theological Seminary
Students who have completed their first year studying biblical Greek face a daunting challenge when they try to use their knowledge to translate and exegete the New Testament itself. Philippians: A Greek Student's Intermediate Reader is designed to help these students bridge the gap between the formulaic translation exercises found in grammars and the authentic text of the Greek New Testament. Students (and former students) can reinforce their knowledge of intermediate grammar while they translate a book of the New Testament.
This reader provides:
the UBS4 Greek text of Philippians
an original English translation
an analysis of the morphology, structure, and meaning of the epistle's key words and phrases
callout boxes that introduce intermediate grammatical concepts with clear definitions and examples in Greek and English
a concise overview of New Testament syntax
a glossary of grammatical terms

Regular price $22.60
Regular price $29.00 Sale price $22.60