By Harney, Kevin G.; Harney, Sherry

Organic Disciples Study Guide: Seven Ways to Grow Spiritually and Naturally Share Jesus

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310139089
Type: Paperback

A guide to help readers make simple shifts in your Bible reading, prayer, community life, giving, service, and other biblical practices will connect you to God and His work of reaching people.

Could sharing your faith be the secret to unlocking your spiritual growth?

For many followers of Jesus, spiritual growth involves a series of spiritual practices that promise to deepen our connection with God and train us in the ways of Jesus. Unfortunately, these practices are often disconnected from the mission and purposes of God in reaching a lost world with the gospel message. But what if the secret to unlocking spiritual growth was as simple as infusing our spiritual practices with an outward focus?

In the Organic Disciples Study Guide, Kevin and Sherry Harney walk ordinary followers of Jesus through seven markers of spiritual maturity, showing how simple shifts in our prayers, Bible reading, giving, and other practices can connect us with God's work of reaching people with his love. Taking a holistic approach that unites evangelism and discipleship, Kevin and Sherry explain how God's plan for our own spiritual growth is intimately connected to his purposes for the church, unleashing God's power in our lives as we engage God's mission to the world.

True spiritual growth and maturity will always lead believers outward to engage the world with the good news and truth of Jesus. And in a surprising twist, our own spiritual growth will often remain stunted and limited until we take the step of joining God in his mission to love others. This book will help you see how Jesus modelled a lifestyle of loving others, overcome the common roadblocks and false narratives that stand in the way of spiritual maturity, and design a personal pathway of growth to be more like Jesus in character and mission.

Used together with the Organic Disciples book and the free video study and online assessment available at, churches and individuals can better identify where they are in their growth journey and what the next steps are in becoming more like Jesus.

Regular price $7.20
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $7.20