By Chironna

On the Edge of Hope: No Matter How Dark the Night, the Redeemed Soul Still Sings

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ISBN: 9780800762575
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The battle for your mind and well-being is not your new normal, and it is not here to stay. There is a path that leads you to the freedom you desire. Pastor Mark Chironna candidly and with vulnerability integrates the best of theology with psychology, bringing healing and hope to you in the midst of your struggles.

"One of the most important books you are ever going to read."--from the foreword by CHRISTINE CAINE

The Light of Hope Is Closer Than You Know

When our once-solid worlds suddenly shift and heave, we find ourselves desperately trying to hold it all together. We suffer silently, ashamed of our struggles with things like anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness--after all, everyone else seems to be fine.

Yet the truth is that everyone tastes from the cup of suffering.

With unassuming honesty and candor, Dr. Mark Chironna openly shares what he learned in his own three-year battle with darkness. Integrating the best of theology with Christ-centered psychology, he offers scriptural and holistic truths that will help lead you out of the murky depths. Though it feels as if this dark night will never end, you can walk through your uncertainty, fears, and tears to find the edge of hope again.

"The scariest place can also be your threshold. Step through it knowing God is there with you, and your healing can happen right in the middle of your chaos."--Mark Chironna

"Sweeping wisdom and weeping compassion . . . a manifesto of hope that conveys both modesty of spirit and majesty of thought." --LEONARD SWEET, founder,; author, Songs of Light series

"I highly recommend this book to anyone who is going through a storm or knows someone who is!"--KRIS VALLOTTON, senior associate leader, Bethel Church, Redding, California

Regular price $6.20
Regular price Sale price $6.20