By Malphurs, Aubrey

New Kind of Church, A by Malphurs, Aubrey

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Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801091896
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How should we do church in a changing world?
There's no question the world is changing. Many churches are changing with it, adopting new models for ministry: emergent, seeker, purpose-driven, multisite, and so on. These models have been greeted with enthusiasm, but also with controversy and criticism. What are we to make of this? Does Scripture prescribe a standard model for doing church? Or is there freedom within certain guidelines?
In A New Kind of Church, respected church consultant Aubrey Malphurs addresses these important questions. The heart of the book outlines a means for evaluating any church model, including:
a proper way of interpreting what Scripture says about the local church
a theology of change
a theology of culture and church
a definition of the local church
This important book is for anyone concerned with the state of the church, but it is especially valuable for church leaders considering change in their own churches.

Regular price $4.70
Regular price $15.99 Sale price $4.70