By Thompson, Roger W.

My Best Friend's Funeral: A Memoir

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400206131
Type: Paperback

There?s a certain kind of lost a boy feels in this world without a father. Tim felt it. I felt it. And we realized our only way out would be together.

In an openhearted memoir of faith on the fringe, Roger Thompson meditates on the life and premature death of his best friend and business partner, Tim Garrety, cofounder of Skate Street Ventura.

Roger and Tim?s twenty-year friendship was forged in the surf and on the streets of 1980s California. Together they hazarded countless waves and every rite of passage?from guitars to girls to God?and influenced the lives of thousands of skateboarders, musicians, surfers, and otherwise disconnected youth in the process.

With unrestrained honesty and a punk-rock soundtrack, My Best Friend?s Funeral is a memoir of friendship, doubt, surfing, and the complex relationships between fathers and sons. If life has ever left you feeling abandoned?or if you simply prefer a rock show to a sermon?My Best Friend?s Funeral is a memoir you won?t want to miss, and a confirmation that you are never alone.

Regular price $3.20
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $3.20