By Melleby, Derek

Make College Count

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Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801094200
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Discover the way to true success at college--and beyond
There's more to college than classes, credits, and a nonstop social life. It's more than getting a degree to improve your job prospects. College is a time when you develop into the person you will be for the rest of your life. Make College Count will help you make the most of your time in college. It encourages you to ask the big questions, like
· Why am I going to college?
· What kind of person do I want to be?
· How do I want my life to influence others?
· With whom will I surround myself?
· What do I believe?
You want your college years to count. This book shows you how to make that a reality.
"For years I have been looking for the right book to give to Christian high school grads: readable, real, honest, grace-focused, Christ-centered, and practical. Make College Count is that book."-- Chap Clark, author of Hurt: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers;pastor and head of staff, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
"Christian college students hear a lot about what to avoid during their college years. So it's refreshing to encounter a book that explains what students should embrace in college. It's clear that Derek Melleby understands the world of today's students."-- Joseph M. Stowell, president of Cornerstone University
Derek Melleby is the executive director of the OneLife Institute, a ministry that provides students gap year programs focused on discipleship, travel, and service. Prior to joining OneLife, he was on staff with the Coalition for Christian Outreach and the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. Melleby is also the coauthor of Learning for the Love of God: A Student's Guide to Academic Faithfulness.

Regular price $5.70
Regular price $13.00 Sale price $5.70