By Steinmetz, David C.

Luther in Context

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801026096
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"This attractive collection . . . blends careful, current scholarship with an eminently readable style to create an enlightening guide to Martin Luther's religious thought."--Journal of Religion

Luther in Context places Martin Luther within his theological world--a world in which he engaged in intellectual dialogue with key thinkers including Plato, Augustine, Calvin, William of Ockham, and Biel. These essays cast light on Luther's thought by positioning it within the context of his theological antecedents and contemporaries. A leading scholar of Luther studies, David Steinmetz both seeks out Luther's new ground and demonstrates where the Reformer remained Augustinian or Ockhamist.

Steinmetz explores many issues that were of considerable importance to Luther, including temptation, the hiddenness of God, and justification by faith alone. Although it is not intended to be a complete presentation of Luther's thought, this book does examine a wide range of themes and problems in Luther's theology. Thus, a reader who is encountering Luther for the first time will find a broad sampling of the ideas that were especially important to the Reformer.

This expanded edition contains three additional essays, one of which is appearing in English for the first time. "Luther and Calvin on the Banks of the Jabbok" contrasts Luther and Calvin as biblical commentators by comparing their handling of Genesis 32. "Luther and the Ascent of Jacob's Ladder" examines the late medieval exegetical tradition surrounding Jacob's dream and Luther's relationship to that tradition. Finally, "Luther and Formation in Faith" traces the reeducation of Latin Christendom in a Christian faith and practice shaped by the theology of Luther.

Students and scholars of the Reformation will find Luther in Context to be an insightful glimpse into the thought and theology of Martin Luther. 

Regular price $10.70
Regular price $22.00 Sale price $10.70